Valet Trash



Sunday 8:00 PM - Thursday 8:00 PM.

There is no pick up on Friday or Saturday

Valet Trash is intented to provide you with a service that easily disposes of your trash 5 nights a week without you having to go to the compactor and helps keep trash away from the sidewalk in front of the compactor.

Rules & Regulations

Please be advised that Valet Trash pick up starts promptly at 8:00 PM on Sunday and ends on Thusrday at 8:00 PM. There is no pick up on Friday or Saturday; on those days you have to take your trash to the compactor. Do not leave your trash outside for pick up on the next scheduled date. This will only attract insects or other pests and create a bad odor. Trash bins are to be taken inside on a daily basis.

Do not leave cartons or cardboard boxes outside by the trash bins; they will not be picked up. We have recycling bins on site, please take them to be recycled.